Saturday, February 19, 2011

Howard the Duck

FINALLY!  Here it is... Howard the Duck. 

It couldn't escape its destiny forever.

Special Guest!  BLASTphemer David G.

Also: higher quality audio (bigger file, too)


  1. YEEEAAAAHHH!!! About time, guys.

    David, good to have you back. Loved your contribution to Mars Attacks!, and he should come back for more.

    Hey, if you guys want to do a lateral blast featuring Mr. Jeffrey Jones, I would like to suggest Who's Your Caddy?.

    Otherwise, now your most requested unblasted movie is going to be Masters Of The Universe.

  2. Either that or movies that are just transparent excuses to get certain actresses to guest BLAST again...(Home Alone 3, D.C. Cab, etc.)

  3. Thanks, Mr. Neil. It was great to be back.