Monday, April 4, 2011

Sex & The City 2

Some BLASTs are endurance races, some are short and terrible, this one is a terrible endurance race.

Luckily, the BLAST Kittens took care of the bulk of the nonsense.

2011 Kittens:

Shannon Muchow
Lisa K. Wyatt
Deidre Moore
Retta Putignano
Laura Smith


  1. Oh my god, I am so angry right now. With an hour to go to BLAST, my power went out. Goddammit! Am I ever going to see one of these live? (...other than T&C.)

    I'm glad to see my guess was right, although I think I'd been guessing Sex And The City 2 every week since you guys came back! Even so, I'd like to think that Senko's hint helped. Really!

  2. I'm sure they'll do at least one more live. I'd guess The Last Airbender would get that treatment, since they're definitely building up to it being the season finale.

  3. Thanks guys (and ladies). This was great.