Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's the dawn of a new day. No, not the movie. The movie sucks. HARD. Just like all the rest. No, this is the first ever Streaming BLAST!

So fire up the Netflix (or whatever), and follow along as we watch this mess come flyin' in over the internets.


  1. I never saw this movie. Katherine Heigl seems like a typical LA chick who is hot as fuck but has an odious personality that she doesn't bother to hide.

    And the less said about Kutcher the better.

    BTW, guys, I was the one who told Rifftrax to suck it. And I'll tell them to suck it eight times before breakfast if I want to.

    So SUCK IT, Rifftrax!!

  2. last movie suggestions!/earthdogBB/status/142860400852090880